Tales of American Idiocy

Tales of American Idiocy

“Soon the humans will all wear muzzles and be chained to their homes by their great glowing boxes!”

This announcement by Chester stopped the meeting of the pets of Sunnyside Street cold. Not that they were surprised by the neighborhood conspiracy cat. Chester was full of odd ideas, most of which he announced at inopportune moments.

Chester would turn out to be right about COVID, but he is just one of many Orwellian critters and supernatural shorts populating these Tales of American Idiocy, a darkly humorous collection of short stories commemorating the early 2020’s. Here you’ll find President Brandon’s sketch election. Dwight the alligator will fight forced COVID injections. Delilah the deer’s own “Dr. Foxi,” gets his just deserts, and Black Lizards definitely Matter.

Will Chester and friends’ warnings make repeating the early 2020s unthinkable?

If you like clever allegories, not-so-crazy conspiracies’, and darkly humorous satire, you’ll love Tales of American idiocy, a work Bookviral calls: “A cuttingly Allegorical Read!” $5.99 on Kindle.
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