Eden Falls

Breaking the rules is required when it will save humanity’s last safe harbor. Nathan just doesn’t understand why it’s up to him. Nathan Hurst always believed he was a normal guy with a normal life until the day the trucks came.

Ripped from his home and loaded onto a waiting spacecraft without explanation, he and hundreds of others are ferried to a distant asteroid, Ixion, equipped with the peak of all technology. Here they learn they’re the last and best of the human race, chosen for their genetic compatibility. Those left behind are doomed to extinction, trapped on an Earth soon to be destroyed.

Many of his companions accept their role and try to build a new life on Ixion. But not everyone believes Earth has perished. As conspiracy theories blossom, someone begins to sabotage the asteroid’s infrastructure. If Nathan can untangle the truth from the lies and assumptions, he and his friends may be able to save Ixion. If they can’t, there’s nowhere left to go.

EDEN FALLS is a post-apocalyptic adult science fiction adventure filled with strong friendships, new world exploration, and intrigue. $1.99 on Kindle.
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