Broken in Yellowstone

Broken in Yellowstone

A broken body. An unbreakable faith.

The last thing a teenager wants is to wake up in a hospital room and discover he’s paralyzed. That’s Alvin’s life after being struck by a motorhome in Yellowstone National Park.

After three months of intense rehab, he manages to regain his strength and mobility and returns to school. But with every step forward, he’s met with new challenges and setbacks, including failing to regain his athletic skills.

How is he to fit in with his body’s new limitations? When he turns his focus from physical achievements to religion and faith, he learns that having high moral standards isn’t the most popular attribute among his peers.

Alvin is torn between doing what he knows is right and compromising his values so that he’ll feel included. With the help of some faithful friends, can he learn to love himself as he is and love who God is fashioning him to be?

If you’re looking for life-changing books based on real life, Broken in Yellowstone is for you. An inspiring faith-based novel for boys, girls, and adults, Alvin’s story shows that with every obstacle comes a new opportunity for growth and transformation. $3.99 on Kindle.
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