My Best Friend’s Brother Next Door

My Best Friend's Brother Next Door
I was over my ex until the grumpy professor and his cute kid moved next door.

I was knee-deep in the new catalog design from my home office, and enjoying my Soda.
But when I saw my best friend’s brother, Gabriel, from my window it was like I’d grabbed a live electrical wire.
All these years I’ve tried to keep the past where it belongs, only looking forward, but here he is, right in front of me.
With the same green eyes, curly hair, and more broad shoulders.
I stand wondering if maybe this is our opportunity for a second chance.
The sparkle in his eyes still touches my heart when he sneaks a look at me every time we pass.
He hasn’t said anything, but I can feel something deeper has drawn him back.
Now that strong, gorgeous guy I remember is a busy single dad.
And I’m not the woman he used to know. I’m independent and know what I want.
My heart hopes we can leap past the years of distance and rekindle the ashes of our love.
Otherwise, I’ll have to accept that our hearts have changed as much as everything else. $0.99 on Kindle.
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