Genesis Academy: The Seer’s Legacy

Genesis Academy: The Seer's Legacy (Genesis Academy Urban Fantasy Series Book 1)

One day I’m the darling of the Guardians and the next our whole family is running for their lives.

All because I saw my first premonition ever …

Now they want me to go undercover at Genesis Academy, the Guardian’s school for rebels and rejects. Me—the goody-goody science nerd with the brand new powers. Oh, and I have to keep my budding Seer powers a secret. Too bad they manifest at the worst times.

At least I have one person on my side, my fabulous roomie. Except, her brooding brother is the bane of my existence. Maybe because he’s totally gorgeous, completely off-limits, and absolutely forbidden. But there’s one BIG problem—he keeps drawing attention to me when I’m trying to blend in. Will he blow my cover?

There’s a bigger bad guy out there who wants my powers. If I can’t blend in at Genesis Academy, I’ll put my whole family in danger.

Can I keep my Seer status secret and keep my family safe?

Welcome to Genesis Academy …

Genesis Academy, The Seer’s Legacy is book 1 in a YA Urban Fantasy series. It’s a novel full of slow burn romance, paranormal humor, coming of age drama, and fantasy adventure set in Morocco. Think Shadow Hunters meets Harry Potter with a dash of Darkblood Academy. $0.99 on Kindle.
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