The Emperor of Mu: Book One

The Emperor of Mu: Book One

***** “Epic fantasy at its finest!” – Reader review

When Emperor Constantine is gruesomely assassinated, fingers point at who is responsible.

Amidst this turmoil, the rulers of the Six Realms must choose who among them will ascend the Lonely Throne.

Meanwhile, in the outlands, the old races stir. The hunt for those with forbidden dark elf blood threatens another elvan war.

After a three hundred cycle absence, dragons are sighted in the north.

In the desert lands, the fearless Imanishi defend the empire from the night demons, and South of Mu, the sea people consolidate their newly taken homeland.

Set in the medieval world of Mu, where the powers of the mages and mind-magic set apart the extraordinary, this epic saga of rivalry, romance, and battles between race and kind alike, will keep you guessing with its twists and turns.

Who is destined to become the next Emperor of Mu?

If you like a fast-moving novel with fantastic world-building, mystery and intrigue, then order your this first book of the epic fantasy series today!

This is book 1 in a 4-book series. All are on sale from April 12th – 19th.

What readers are saying:

“I’m happy to say that this novel is one of the best and most complex independently published fantasy novels I’ve had the pleasure of reading (it outshines many other fantasy novels in terms of complexity and world-building). One of the best things about the Emperor of Mu is that it’s a surprisingly fast-paced fantasy novel.

The author takes his time to set things up, but he does it with style and doesn’t let the story become muddled with meaningless events and keeps things in motion (although the pacing is delightfully swift, nothing feels rushed in this novel). The author manages to keep the various events intriguing and maintains the reader’s interest in the story by gradually revealing details about the world and the characters. This novel is one of the best fantasy novels independently available for epic fantasy readers and should be read by those who love complex and intricate stories.” – Risingshadow Review – one of the largest science fiction and fantasy book websites

“New names, new ideas, and Jason manages to involve us to the point of initiating a hunger to turn the page and march into the story. Exceptional writing with interesting and always surprising developments makes this an impressive debut for an author of fine potential.” – Grady Harp – HALL OF FAME Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

“… I would compare this author’s world-building to the likes of Brandon Sanderson. I truly enjoyed this story, the intrigue, and the realism drew me into the story and kept me turning pages. The plot was unique, and the story pace was even throughout. A long fantasy epic that is certainly worth your time and attention.” – J. Armstrong Top Amazon Reviewer.

“… The book also explores deeper themes of power, identity, and the meaning of existence, adding a layer of philosophical depth that elevates the story above the usual fantasy fare.” Hamza, Amazon Reviewer. $0.99 on Kindle.
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