The Wisdom Answer: Equipping Teens Living in a Culture of Deception An Interaction Journal Based on Proverbs 1-9

Do your teens recognize the sticky web of cultural deception?

Can they identify its tactics of influence and control?

Are they prepared to avoid its grasp, or could they fall victim to its counterfeits?

Because we’re designed by God, He knows how we function best. We could say, “We come with instructions.” Using this journal, teens will examine Scripture line-by-line and story-by-story through the first nine chapters of Proverbs. They will learn how poor choices lead to unwanted consequences and how wise choices lead to promising outcomes.

This interactive journal is for teens everywhere. Like all of us, teens start out as gullible and naive, but they can become wise beyond their years. Walking in God’s wisdom builds into them an unwavering stability and security. This wisdom equips teens to recognize and avoid chaotic situations, relationship drama, and the seduction of evil. $0.99 on Kindle.
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