Free: Lost in Laos

Lost ins Laos
Rose Hawthorne is a celebrity author with a penchant for Hermes scarves and old Colonial hotels. She also loves solving mysteries and sharing her discoveries with her readers.

When a mysterious letter from her past arrives unexpectantly, she sets off with her daughter and granddaughter to uncover the secrets of an ancient artifact. Together they travel to Laos and Cambodia and discover more about a strange triskelion symbol; a symbol never before seen in Cambodia.

Aided by a charismatic professor and a troubled ex-husband, they find themselves in a remote jungle area faced with more danger than they could have possibly imagined.

As Rose navigates the challenges of her own mortality, her daughter Holly must confront demons of her own.  Together the family embarks on an adventure that will challenge their beliefs, test their limits, and ultimately, unite them in unexpected ways. Free on Kindle.
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