Free: The Haunting of Engstrom House

The Haunting of Engstrom House

Abigail almost killed herself. If she had only cut deeper, she might have succeeded.

The small town of Ashfall is home to Engstrom House, an archaic mansion rumored to have a troubled past. When Abigail Martinez discovers an old journal belonging to a daughter of the original Engstrom family, her life suddenly becomes entangled with the house’s nightmarishly disturbing secrets.

Abigail has never believed in ghosts, but when the vintage journal writes back to her, she becomes determined to find the remains of Helen Engstrom, a girl who went missing during the house’s darkest days. But twisted and evil forces hellbent on stopping her still live in Engstrom House and thrive in the decrepit graveyard deep in the expanse of unkempt woods on the overgrown Engstrom property.

Can Abigail bring closure to the long forgotten mystery surrounding Helen’s disappearance, or will she also be consumed by the paranormal events responsible for… The Haunting of Engstrom House?

Terror awaits you within the pages of Nasser Rabadi’s boldest outing yet! A novel surging with psychological torment that will leave you questioning reality itself as you join Abigail and her friends in the darkened hallways of Engstrom House.

Enjoy your stay… you may never leave!

The Haunting of Engstrom House is book 1 in the Engstrom House series, which continues with The Return to Engstrom House. Free on Kindle.
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