The Montana Mayhem Series: The Complete Six-Book Bundle

The Montana Mayhem Series: The Complete Six-Book Bundle

After a series of coordinated attacks devastate the United States, a group of people find themselves stranded in a quiet Wyoming town. As soon as the weather allows, they embark on the journey home to Montana. Unfortunately, in this new apocalyptic world, it won’t be easy… it might even be deadly.

“As always, this author has surpassed my expectations!”

“The story drew me in, and I hated when I had to stop reading to do something else! There is edge-of-your-seat action, drama, and all the emotions you would expect in such a situation. A very engrossing read!”

“As always, Millie Copper has drawn you into the storyline where you feel you’re right there in the thick of the things, experiencing the things going on in the story.”

A group from Bakerville, Wyoming strike on their own while searching for the desires of their hearts. Unfortunately, the road will not be easy, and sometimes the heart is hardened and deceitful. When things don’t work out as they hoped, will they become stranded in the wilderness? Or will each be able to find their way home?

Immerse yourself in the day-to-day survival of Tamra, Rochelle, Sadie, Victoria, and Kimba as they face extraordinary challenges. Written in first person point-of-view, you’ll experience the heart-pounding terror, intense emotions, laughter, and tears alongside the characters as they make their way through this dangerous new world.

Download The Montana Mayhem Series: The Complete Six-Book Bundle today, and discover why readers love this twist on the post-apocalyptic genre! This six-book box set includes books 1 to 6 of the Montana Mayhem Christian Futuristic series:

  • Unending Havoc
  • Ruthless Havoc
  • Merciless Havoc
  • Cruel Havoc
  • Relentless Havoc
  • Enduring Havoc

Montana Mayhem is the highly anticipated follow-up story to the bestselling Havoc in Wyoming Christian Futuristic series, which follows societal collapse from a small-town perspective. Featuring engaging scenarios, riveting action, and flawed yet strong and complex women, the Montana Mayhem series is perfect for fans of Mark Goodwin, Jamie Lee Grey, and Kyla Stone. The Montana Mayhem series has been described as “Cozy” Apocalypse and contains no profanity, gratuitous sex scenes, or overly detailed gruesome death scenes. However, it does contain conservative family values and references to God, prayer, scripture, and Christianity. $2.99 on Kindle.
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