Blood Inferno

Blood Inferno
All vampires are bloodsuckers, some are lawyers, and only one is my new pain-in-the-ass boss

I’m a terrible witch, but a girl’s got to make a living somehow, so I became a lawyer instead.

Only now I have to deal with him. Vincent Tepesh. Senior partner in Shades Law. He may be as hot as hellfire when he’s trying to dominate me in the office kitchen, but I’m trying hard to be immune to this vampire’s dubious charms.

Because there’s something going on here at Shades which isn’t right. Offices don’t just explode, dangerous shadow wraiths who want to kill me don’t appear out of nowhere and I know I have to find out the truth, to prove I’m a better lawyer than I am a witch.

And the one person who can help me work all of this out in order to save my soul? You guessed it, my brooding vampire boss, the best lawyer in London. If we work together, we might survive this whole mess.

The final problem? How not to fall for this delicious, dark vampire who I’m pretty certain just sees me as a snack…

Blood Inferno is the first in the Shade and Shadow vampire romance series from HB Jacks, set in contemporary London where bloodsuckers are pitted against the bloodthirsty, love against all the forces of hell and things get very steamy between a stuck up vampire billionaire lawyer and a magic-less witch with something to prove. $0.99 on Kindle.
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