An Autumn Wedding

An Autumn Wedding

Her sister’s fiancé is trouble. But will she let the past repeat itself?

When Gemma arrives at the beautiful town of Gulf Shores, Alabama for her sister Giselle’s impromptu wedding, she can’t help but feel Giselle is making a terrible mistake. Her fiancé has a shady past… just like the criminal ex Gemma escaped from years ago.

Determined to secretly sabotage the wedding, Gemma finds her efforts thwarted at every turn by the headstrong BnB owner Adrian. Gemma is forced to wonder whether she judged her sister’s fiancé too harshly – but she won’t risk letting Giselle fall into the clutches of a heartless and controlling marriage.

Haunted by her past and convinced she’s unable to ever love again, Gemma’s rivalry with Adrian evolves into an uneasy truce. And after his two lively daughters start playing matchmaker behind their backs, Gemma discovers the possibility of a second chance at life – but only if she can let go of her past trauma and learn to trust people again.

Will her sister’s dream Autumn wedding turn out to be an unlikely success after all? And will Gemma find more than she bargained for on this beautiful beachside getaway?

Artfully combining feel-good beachside vibes with heartwarming second chance love and a dash of scintillating mystery, An Autumn Wedding is a charming and wholesome women’s fiction series with a picturesque small-town setting. Scroll up and grab your copy today! $0.99 on Kindle.
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