Write Better Right Now

Write Better Right Now
Because editors can spot a new writer, you need sound advice on how to look like a pro. Includes tips on how to get your piece in the door and on an editor’s desk. Includes common pitfalls to avoid, ways to produce fresh writing, and polishing techniques from someone who has been in the typing chair.

Not a textbook. Not a tutorial. Just a collection of down-to-earth, practical, easy- to-understand examples on how to improve your writing.

“This book is better than all the others I have read over the adult years of my life. Clear, concise, no sweetness, just the facts. BRAVO!”

“Many great pointers. Jody nailed it. I revisited my current work and applied many of the suggestions.”

“After receiving feedback from my editor, the task ahead seemed daunting. After reading the well explained tips, I am much more confident that I can do what my editor wants. A big thank you Jody.”

$1.99 on Kindle.
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