The Beach Sisters

The Beach Sisters

Three sisters, each facing a crisis. A beautiful beach town calling them home. And a summer of fun that doesn’t go according to plan… Rene is hiding a big secret from her daughters: she divorced their father nearly a year ago. Overwhelmed by life and dreaming of a summer getaway, she decides to rekindle her friendship with her childhood friends in her beautiful hometown of Delray beach.

Disillusioned by her environmental job and weeks away from being left homeless, Miranda is in desperate need of some soul-searching. Her wandering leads her back to Delray beach – and when she receives Rene’s invitation, she’s thrilled at the chance to reconnect.

Allison grew up with everything she always wanted – but when her wealthy family crumbled, so did her lifestyle. Now she’s making top-dollar in the big city, but a moral crisis leads her to abandon her career and seek the comfort of her hometown for a much-needed break.

But Rene’s dream of a quiet summer vacation doesn’t exactly go to plan. The drama from their personal lives quickly spills over to rain on their carefree summer of fun. Each sister faces a personal crisis… and the three friends realize that they can’t run away from their problems anymore.

Set with a beautiful beachside backdrop, The Beach Sisters is a charming and clean women’s fiction series that’s perfect for anyone who loves themes of family drama, later-in-life love, and the timeless value of friendship. Scroll up and grab your copy today. $0.99 on Kindle.
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