The Complete Jane Digby’s Diary

The Complete Jane Digby's Diary
“As the depth of truth of one’s life can only be penned upon the pages of a diary, Jane Digby leads us through her passionate life . . . A wonderful piece of historical fiction that will delight your senses as well as your heart.” – Peggy Lee Sprague, Author of The Truth Hunters series

Based on a true story . . .

Bright, beautiful, and bold, Jane Digby led a remarkable life. Born to privilege in 1807 at Dorset, England, she soon scandalized Europe with her reckless pursuit of freedom. She sacrificed home, family, and respectability for her passions. Kings, princes, barons, brigands, lords, and sheikhs were among her lovers. A gifted artist and musician, as well as a superb horsewoman, she spoke several languages, read widely, wrote eloquently, and embraced all manner of culture and travel.

An amusing, thoughtful, and moving work of historical fiction, Jane Digby’s Diary offers a compelling account of the life of a woman who truly lived all for love. In the series Jane tells her story in diary form, as if she is speaking to a friend, creating an intimate and compulsively readable look at her life and her times. Will she find the true love and freedom she so desires? There is only one way to find out. Come join her on her path to a life well lived.

The Complete Jane Digby’s Diary includes the entire four-part series: To Begin. Begin, A Rebel Heart, Following an Eastern Star, and White Lady.

“Told in fictional diary form, this story based on the real life of a free-thinking, passionate woman who scandalized high-born society with her escapades is beautifully written and swept me into her world . . . An unexpected treat.” – Kristy Dark $2.99 on Kindle.
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