Single Mom and Doctor Secret

Single Mom and Doctor Secret
When I’m not working, I’m busy raising my son, Avery.
He is the center of my universe and my life is dedicated to him.
I obviously don’t have time for dating or sex,
but I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to Dr. Miles Cunning.
He’s not just my son’s hot new doctor;
He’s also the first man who’s turned me on in years.
A normal woman would just accept her fate and let it be…
Miles is obviously out of my league.
But I’m Becca, and I can’t leave well enough alone.
I decide I want Miles badly enough that I’m not willing to give up so easily.
Still, I’m not delusional. He’s so well put together and smart And…well, perfect. I know that I am none of those things…
A woman like me isn’t his type by a long shot.
But just as an experiment, I wonder…
How bad would it be to try and make Miles think I am all of those things? $0.99 on Kindle.
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