Tempting The Divine: Liza’s Story

Tempting The Divine: Liza's Story

This is a second chance love story. Well, for Liza, it would be a third chance at love and happiness. Liza is an ex-goddess who was reincarnated in a different time, without her powers and with serious guilt for surviving the war. She feels out of place and alone as all the other Goddesses before her still have their soulmates. It is hard for Liza to see them all so happy and move on while she feels stuck in the past. She wants nothing more than to forget, but trauma takes time. Time she wasn’t given before.
This story is a spin-off of the Goddesses in the moon series showing the aftermath of the trilogy and how Liza is trying to battle her demons while just surviving. She isn’t looking for love, but it finds her when she least expects it, and with the most unlikely man; a priest. In her mind, she is unworthy of love, and yet Theo sees his whole world when he looks at her. If anyone deserves a happily ever after, it is Liza. $2.99 on Kindle.
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