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Glenn Murray Cohen was burned out practicing criminal law in San Francisco. When he witnessed a drug client be gunned down before his eyes, he grabbed his dead client’s bundles of cash and began a new life as a wealthy expat in Bangkok. Glenn spent several years whiling away his time in the mysterious NJA Club, surrounded by a group of strange and eclectic people. Readers meet them all. The General is a powerful and enigmatic retired military officer. The larger-than-life Oliver is an Aussie who can find out anything for the right price. Sleepy Joe, Glenn’s best friend, looks like an aging hippie but is a former member of the Australian Special Services, and a trained killer. Phil Funston is Bangkok’s premiere guitarist and also its most obnoxious foreign resident.

Glenn enjoys nothing more than hanging out with Sleepy Joe, smoking prodigious quantities of weed to their favorite movies or music. This calmness is periodically interrupted when Glenn’s old law school buddy, the gray market practitioner Charlie, calls with an offer Glenn cannot refuse, because the CIA is usually making the offer. Each novel is a wild ride through Bangkok’s seamy underside, filled with danger and intrigue. During the course of the three novels, the NJA Gang fends off gangsters, spies, hitmen and drug dealers, trying to avoid violence but not always success-full. Mr. Shaiken describes Bangkok as only one who lived there can..Readers of Christopher G. Moore, Tim Hallinan, John Burdett and Jake Needham will love these exotic noir thrillers.

Each novel stands on its own, but it is recommended to read them in order: Bangkok Shadows, Bangkok Whispers, Bangkok Blues.

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