Enemies to Lovers Secret

Enemies to Lovers Secret
There was nothing, absolutely nothing, that would ever trick me into the delusion of thinking I wanted to have a wife and kids.
But we can’t all be smart enough to figure that out on our own.
Some people, like Lauren Jacobs…
Need a little extra help in coming to that realization for themselves.
That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to enlighten Lauren.
We’re not exactly friends. We hate each other actually.
But she’s all caught up in the throes of baby fever,
And I can’t stand to see anyone pining after something that’s no good for them.
What better way to show someone what a baby-free life as a single person can provide…
Then to have a lot of hot and steamy casual sex?
Okay, that part of the deal is kind of an accident.
And damn if it isn’t a very happy accident.
It turns out…Everyone was right.
There is no such thing as uncomplicated, no strings attached sex.
And Lauren comes with the biggest string of them all.
The very thing I was avoiding like the plague,
And what she wanted more than anything.
We started out as enemies, and now we’re lovers. I was okay with that. But parents? That was never a part of the plan.

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