Seeking Authenticity: Essays and Stories on Values and Travels

Seeking Authenticity: Essays and Stories on Values and Travels

Initially written as a declaration intended for an audience of one—following in the footsteps of former Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius who journaled the meditations that would encapsulate Stoic philosophy—Seeking Authenticity dives into what it means to live an authentic life guided by action and driven to adventure.

Flint Mitchell interlaces philosophical principles with personal accounts from his year-long surfing and hiking adventure from Canada to Australia. Through sometimes poetic, sometimes sarcastic, yet always honest expression, Flint helps you reorient your current life toward your ideal one through your most powerful perspective: the lens of your values.

If you like your truth sandwich with a side of humor, if you enjoy the musings of Viktor Frankl, Ralph Waldo Emerson, or David Goggins, or if you are distressed about the amount of time you spend doing inconsequential bullshit, then this book will help you steer away from anything you deem trivial, focus on your ambitions, and set yourself on a path toward meaning. $2.99 on Kindle.

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