Not His To Love: Legal Romantic Thriller (The Black Widows Book 4)

Not His To Love: Legal Romantic Thriller (The Black Widows Book 4)Years after a vicious attack, Daniel Baker still wakes up a sweaty shaky mess from horrifying nightmares. But it’s expected. Someone did try to kill him, and not just anyone. But unlike the rest of everyone else involved, he still can’t move on. Can’t forgive. And now, his life is about to become even more complicated with his ex’s re-entry in his life, baggage and all. Luciana Garcia- Jones has been trapped in her nightmare of a marriage for twelve years. She’s tried everything to get out of it but has failed repeatedly, and miserably. Then the one man she’s ever loved shows up in her life as her husband’s lawyer and Luciana is sure it’s a sign. Could he possibly be what she needs to finally escape the hell that is her life? The last thing Daniel wants is more complications in his life as he works on recovering. That is, until he finds out the truth about Luciana’s marriage. Now he wants her back. Whatever the cost. Trigger Warning: The content might include graphic references to topics such as sexual abuse, self-harm and violence. $2.99 on Kindle.
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