Silver to the Heart

Silver to the Heart

One fate. Two paths. Six perspectives. Plethoric danger.

Drake, a telekinetic Elder, has an old soul, but his current focus is on a mortal he’s ordered to safeguard and the desperate race to prevent a disaster of apocalyptic proportions.

Ana is an artist who is tormented by haunting visions of impending doom and death. Her sole focus is on mediating emergent family chaos, but that focus waivers when she falls for a handsome yet mysterious stranger.

Commander Sasuke, a former warlord, wields his telepathic might to outwit Council traitors to keep a new Dark War at bay and protect the human realm and its Guardian. Criminal and light bender Lou must answer for his sins. With the Council closing in on him, he seeks shelter with the Reverend—an Elder who is equipped to bypass the unbreakable rules about magic. His prowess and ingenuity make him a formidable opponent in this danger-filled existence.

An ancient battle threatens to renew with a vengeance. Pieces of the fractured realm will destroy the modern world. Dark days lie ahead for Earth’s inhabitants. Drake’s success is its only hope. $1.99 on Kindle.

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