My Fake Love Affair

My Fake Love Affair
She needed a fake fiancé to shut up her ex-alphahole rockstar boyfriend.
I’m the guy she chose to point to as the new man.
Unfortunately, her lie caused a major media scandal.
Lucky for me, this woman is everything I’ve ever wanted in my life.
Smart. Beautiful. Funny.
And she’s got hustle like I’ve never seen.
This should work out perfectly for both of us.
I need a fake date to my brother’s wedding, and I’m doing her a favor, so quid pro quo.
When things start to fall apart, I have my gyms to turn back to.
I’ve spent my life in my absent father’s shadow, but I didn’t waste the time.
I built an empire, focused on helping women achieve their health.
As easy as it would be to stay focused on my own little world, meeting her opened up something inside of me.
We might start out as a fake love affair, but I want more.
I want everything she’s got to give. $0.99 on Kindle
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