Free: Char-lama’s Journey to the Other Side of the Hood

Char-lama's Journey to the Other Side of the Hood

Fifteen-year-old Char-lama is a young black girl who lives in the hood. Her father is incarcerated, and her mother is a single black woman who is the head of her household raising three children. She is not lazy, irresponsible or on welfare. She works two jobs, but still struggles to survive, Char-lama has a praying grandmother, who along with her mother, are determined that she will not become a product of her environment but become a leader for her environment.

Besides her mother, there are multiple people who will play a role in the center of Char-lama’s universe. Her grandmother, Mrs. Pearl, her Uncle Earl, her cousin Prosper, his mother, Aunt Peaches, her best friends, Aaliyah, Maya and Tavon, and boyfriend Kvon.

As a young teenager, Char-lama will face struggles, obstacles, and challenges as she journeys inside the hood to reach the outside of the hood. She will experience the shattering and healing of her destiny. Free on Kindle.

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