A Dickens of a Crime

A Dickens of a Crime
It’s Christmas in July, the perfect time to get started with a new cozy mystery series. Meg Miller discovers a dead body in the featured house on a holiday homes tour. Just hours before the tour is to start, Meg is dressed in Victorian costume and on a mission to check the floral arrangements in all the houses.

An interview with Detective Penny Crawford, and the realization that Meg is among the suspects, dampens her enthusiasm for the festive event. A notification from Crawford about the identity of the body further heightens Meg’s determination to clear her name and find out “who dunnit.” She’s willing to do surveillance, bake a batch of cranberry scones, or hide in a closet to help solve the murder. However, there’s a bigger menace to the community, and Meg suspects it’s centered in the mega-church at the edge of town. Will she be jailed as the murderer, hailed as the hero, or captured by the evil members of an organized crime ring? And, why is she recently noticing odors and seeing visions?

Follow Meg as she begins a series of adventures challenging her to embrace the technology of her cell phone, check out social media, face the history of her deceased mother and sister, and cozy up to local law enforcement. Followers of Rhys Bowen, JL Ryan, and Faith Martin will look forward to each book in this dynamic series. $0.99 on Kindle.

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