Free: Bombay Blood 1

An age-old 14th Century plague resurfaces to haunt the present-day city of Bombay. With increasing loss of lives at the tick of each passing minute, the authorities are under enormous pressure to unearth the root cause. While in the process of tracing the roots to this, they discover intersected historical pasts linked to an anonymous Dr. Sri, who’s discovery in the early 90’s, was on similar lines of work. His mysterious vanishing from the scene like thin air leads to a manhunt put in place to find him, to utilize his research knowledge to prevent the mayhem the city is undergoing.

In the quest to find him, will they be able to save the city with new arising corpses? They are running out of time in finding the truth. But the truth is, there is one man to find now, and only he knows the cure!! Free on Kindle.

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