Beach House Artist: A Single Dad Romance

Ava Svensson’s family runs one of the most unique and successful art galleries in all of London. With her keen business expertise and the integrity of her family name, Ava has built a community of artists where everyone thrives. But when old feuds come to light, and the gallery becomes the focus of a plot for revenge, all Ava loves is threatened.

That’s when Ava meets Max Svaard, an eccentric artist who makes her realize she wants more in her life than just the business. Will Ava find the answers she needs to stop the plot for revenge against her family? Will she be able to set aside her passion for the business and explore her connection to Max if he signs on with the competition? As Ava works to find answers to her questions, she finds one weekend is all it takes to turn her world upside down. $0.99 on Kindle.

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