The Woman in Purple Armor

The Woman in Purple ArmorCaptain Mike Casey, Land Warfare Exploration Corps, signed up for a chance of a lifetime – first human boots on Mars.

The mission – explore, scout the land and take notes for future colonization, and get home safe. The thing is, he never got home. Instead, he found the planet’s hidden evil – the dark side of Mars.

Taken prisoner by a reptilian, highly intelligent race, turned into a slave, thrust between a civil war – each day she haunts his curiosity.

The woman in purple armor, a fellow human, praised by the local alien race in charge, hated and loathed by the prisoners she keeps in check. This woman in purple armor watches the slaves, punishes them, keeps them from uttering or thinking any notions of freedom.

Captain Casey, the only other human on Mars, survives each agonizing day under her foot, her watchful, warden-like eyes. He wants to fight back. He plans, methodically, each waking moment, wanting to kill them all. He knows he must take her down first – he must figure it all out, or else rot as a decayed human slave turning into red ash along with Ol’ Red’s forgotten secrets. $0.99 on Kindle
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