Pax Machina

Pax Machina
Pax Machina is first book of the exciting new Mechhaven series. It’s the Transformers meets Braveheart. Fans of space opera, sci-fi adventure, and anime will love it!

Mechhaven, a desolate planetoid far from the center of galactic civilization, was home to sentient mechs decommissioned after the brutal Mechanai War. When a highly advanced mech crashes on their peaceful sanctuary and requests asylum, it sets events into motion that will be felt throughout the galaxy.

Major Misty Durham, human Administrator of Mechhaven, hoped to forget about the war and maybe build a lasting legacy by helping mechs build new lives. But rogue elements from the Imperium were not content to let the war die and peace reign. They hunt the advanced mech and the information locked within its memory matrix.

The disarmed mechs and their human caretakers must choose whether to take up arms once again to fight off the invaders and the nightmarish technology unleashed against them or face ultimate destruction. $0.99 on Kindle.

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