…Fools of Us All: The Spheres of Odin

...Fools of us all.
200 years after humanity faced a global catastrophe, rendering the Earth inhabitable. The last surviving remnants continued to live on in what few cities still stood across the dying planet. Technologies, sciences, and history were all lost to time as man was forced to rebuild. Kept safe from the scourging radiation of the Sun by hiding under a massive floating lens called Umbra-scapes. While the world burned, New York City was cast into immense darkness by its Umbra-Scape. A prototype due to human error has blocked the Sun altogether, leaving the metropolis a dark frozen wasteland. Those who survived sought refuge in towers constructed on top of the ruins of the now-dead city. Climbing high as close to the Umbra-Scape as possible in a desperate attempt to leave the chilling darkness behind.

Quinn, a scientist and best in her field has woken up with nerves on end and a mind racing in anticipation of what the day will bring. This day she will reveal the fruits of her research lab’s labor before the world. Something which promises will affect life as they know it. But as she prepares herself and prepares to meet the day, something, deep down in the frozen dark streets of New York stirs with anticipation.

Never could Quinn scarcely imagine the perilous adventure that will befall her. Nor the harsh lessons she will force to learn. $1.50 on Kindle.

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