Hunt (Whisper Swamp Gators 1)

Hunt (Whisper Swamp Gators 1)
Sometimes we find more than we’re searching for.

Zoe Miller’s brother is all she has left in this world. When he vanishes she’s determined to find him, even if it means traveling on her own to the last place Jeremy was seen—Whisper Swamp, a mysterious place whose residents have secrets.

Kai Kinsella didn’t expect to ever find his Mystic, but when he sees Zoe for the first time, his gator immediately knows who she is to him. However, Kai isn’t so sure Zoe will want him once she learns the part he played in her brother’s disappearance.

Intent on finding her brother, Zoe falls into a dangerous world she never knew existed. One where shifters are real, and not all of them are the cuddly furry kind.

If you like YA Paranormal Romance stories with shifters and protective alphas set in a small southern town, get ready to devour Hunt, book one in the Whisper Swamp Gators series. $0.99 on Kindle.

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