Free: Redemption Song

Redemption Song
A contrived court case saw vital evidence withheld from his defence team resulted in him convicted to spend a large period of his life behind bars for crimes he was not guilty of committing. Jake Martin found himself driven into a fight to try and clear his name and earn his freedom.

In amongst his attempts he was forced into an almost daily fight for his life. Due to his perceived celebrity status from his former life he became the target of many an inmate determined to make a name for themselves at his expense. Forced to use his natural fighting abilities and self-worth Jake had to literally fight for his very existence.

A fight for freedom that appeared to be in vain for many years until a mysterious letter arrived in his cell promising new evidence and a potential retrial. The biggest question he must answer was whether he would be able to survive long enough to see his day in court. With flashbacks to his former glory days as the top performer in his chosen industry along with failed attempts to make it as a footballer Jake’s story is one of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Follow Jake’s attempt to clear his name in this his redemption song. Free on Kindle.

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