The Girl With The Turtle Tattoo Series

“The Girl with the Turtle Tattoo” series of 10 books comprises an epic space odyssey spanning dimensions, planets, galaxies, universes, and even death itself! Arguably the greatest hard-SF love story ever written, it simultaneously dissects and illuminates the very nature of reality. Nonstop science fiction action follows mankind’s violent expansion across the solar system, perilous travel to the nearest star, alien space wars, and getting lost in the vast Multiverse. Adventures into the past and the future dig deeply into mankind’s sordid roots and possible cataclysmic ending. In solidarity with primitive caveman ancestors who looked up in wonderment at the glimmering stars, the characters gain profound perspectives on the most difficult and nagging human questions: “Who are we?” “Where did we come from?” and “Where are we going?” And behind it all is a girl cursed with a little, smiling, green Turtle Tattoo…From $0.99 to $5.98 on Kindle.

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