The Constructive Solution: A Sufferer’s Guide to Beating Depression & Anxiety

The Constructive Solution: A Sufferer's Guide to Beating Depression & Anxiety* Why our thoughts go wrong so often
* What we can do to put them right
* How we ensure they then remain constructive

The comparisons we make, the expectations we form and our search for purpose in life are all innate psychological processes, vital to our everyday existence. But they also lie behind many of the mental health struggles we experience. Hidden in plain sight, they explain why we feel inferior, perpetually disappointed, intensely jealous, deeply fearful of failure, seriously lacking in motivation and so on.

The answer is not to deny these three processes, but to understand their rightful purposes and reset them accordingly: to ensure they work for rather than against us. This book will show you how. Rather than ‘delving into the past’, ‘being positive’ or ‘letting go of destructive thoughts’, it presents a constructive programme for change in our thoughts and deeds. A series of credible, actionable and insightful suggestions that offer a route to a mentally stronger and healthier version of ourselves.

‘The Constructive Solution’ represents my conclusions from decades of living with depression and anxiety as well as many years of mental health study. $2.99 on Kindle.

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