Sydney’s Promise

Sydney's Promise

As a child, Sydney Regan promised her elderly neighbour that, one day, she would find her destiny. However, one question always remained. How will she know when she has found it?

Growing up impoverished with an alcoholic mother burdened by declining mental health made Sydney believe her upbringing defined her. Other adversities caused her to assume that she was irrelevant to the world around her. However, the gift of a small, ornamental dog always gave her hope while an imaginary box, buried deep in her mind, ensured her survival.

Years later, Sydney wonders if she has fulfilled her promise and questions the reason why the pathways of her life have made it so difficult. Fortunately, life can often provide an unexpected juncture. For Sydney, this occurs while on the highway to be with her critically-ill mother. A song with significant meaning plays on the radio and opens the door to a life that she never imagined.

For some, destiny may have a reason of its own. $0.99 on Kindle.

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