In the gritty underworld of bikers and ex-military women, Yuri “Preacher” Goraya faces the ultimate test of loyalty and survival. As he strives to salvage his rocky relationship with Jacqueline “Jack” Landry, the club catches a break in their pursuit of the troublemakers wreaking havoc. When Preacher thinks he can finally let down his guard, a brutal attack leaves him on the brink of death.

Riley James, a formidable member of The Muther’s, a group of ex-military women who own a bar, grill, and a hub for dirt track racing. When suspicions cast a shadow on The Muther’s, Riley’s military training kicks into high gear. Now, she finds herself entangled with a patched member as she races against time to save his life.

In a world where betrayal is a constant companion, Preacher and Riley must navigate the treacherous path of deception to emerge unscathed or risk being consumed by their own personal demons. $0.99 on Kindle.
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