Free: Jack Hansen – Small Man of the Big City

Jack Hansen - Small Man of the Big City
Do you feel like a squirrel trapped inside a spinning wheel? Then you simply havent met Jack Hansen yet! Jack is an alright guy, but hes always betrayed by his bad luck. His neighbor, Garry, is always hooking up with yet another stunner. His co-worker, Bill, is constantly pursuing a brunette who ignores him. The toady Larson is always fawning and groveling to ingratiate himself to and become his bosss favorite. Austin next door does not believe in the sincerity of his lover Phils feelings for him. And, just perhaps, it is the mysterious young woman from the window across the street from his who is entirely to blame for the fact that Jacks day has taken an unexpected turn for the worse, and proceeds to go to the dogs? Free on Kindle.
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