Free: August

A goth girl, who finds no joy in anything, well, except for maybe the severed hand accessory that brings her pleasure night after night just might have found someone new to add to her toy box.

A crash and a crimson SUV lead August “Auggie” Miller to the Strange mansion, where a force of nature awaits–Sunday Strange, the Raven. Her dark visions have prepared her for this moment, when she can finally meet the man from her premonitions. Even in the eerie embrace of the mansion, passion and connection crackle between them.

But after Auggie’s past calls him away from Sunday, he fades from the living world as if he were nothing more than a ghostly shadow. He soon discovers that his life hangs in the balance—only by reuniting with Sunday can he anchor himself back to reality and save himself from an eternity of loneliness. With every step closer to his lover, Auggie is swept further into an immortal whirlwind of love and lust. Will this odd menage trois come together at last?

Enjoy this ultra spicy, a little spooky, paranormal, love story. Free on Kindle.
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