All the King’s Children a Journey of Faith: Earthly Story with a Heavenly Message

All the King's Children a Journey of Faith: Earthly Story with a Heavenly Message: Earthly Story With A Heavenly Message

After following Him in His presence, how will he follow him in His absence?

In the eagerly awaited second installment of the A Journey of Hope Series, we rejoin Azan as he grapples with profound questions of faith and purpose in the aftermath of life-altering events. Azan, who had spent three years alienated from his family with his uncle Ephraim in Capernaum for his unwavering belief in Jesus, is now reunited with them after a miraculous change of heart in his father.

Though the joy of their reunion is bittersweet, for Azan is still haunted by the crucifixion of Jesus, the Messiah. He wrestles with unrelenting questions: Why did Jesus allow Himself to be crucified? He saved others, so why not Himself? What divine purpose could be concealed within this tragedy?

As Azan navigates this emotional turmoil, he embarks on a quest to discover his new purpose in a world without Jesus physically present. His heart’s desire is to follow in the footsteps of the disciples and establish a church, but doubts about his readiness weigh heavily on his young shoulders.

Facing opposition from religious leaders determined to halt the church’s growth and persecution from those who resist Jesus’ teachings in Israel, Azan must summon unwavering faith and courage. Will he have what it takes to spread the good news and stand up for his beliefs, even if it means risking everything?

Join Azan in this enthralling sequel as he continues to grow in faith, forging ahead in his mission to stand for Jesus against all odds. His journey will inspire you to find your own purpose, confront doubt, and stand resolute in your faith, no matter the challenges that lie ahead. $0.99 on Kindle.
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