Surviving Westcliff

Westcliff was meant to be a new start.

For Ash, her first voyage as a navigator is a chance to excel under her legendary mentor, and prove to the world and herself that she’s fit for the job.

For Baron, the expedition’s criminally inclined security officer, it’s an opportunity to cash in on a supposed stashed fortune before debts get his knees smashed in.

But from the moment their ship drops anchor and Westcliff is founded, things aren’t quite right. Livestock goes missing. Strange sounds echo in the darkness. Baron’s fortune seems more fiction than fact. And when tragedy suddenly strikes, Westcliffs residents find themselves trapped and under-provisioned, with winter fast approaching.

Forced to charge over a desperate town on the brink of violence, Ash and Baron will have to use every trick they have to find out who’s responsible.

If they don’t, nobody’s surviving Westcliff. $5.07 on Kindle.
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