Ruthless Beast

Ruthless Beast
The death of my brother brought me face to face with a commanding mafia leader.

Lucas had all my attention from the moment our eyes met.

He saw the sadness in mine and embraced me.

I felt protected.

But Lucas is way older and dangerous.

Still, hes not the one I have to be afraid of.

My brothers death was, in fact, murder.

And my own life is in the hands of the rival gang.

Lucas has always felt like a protector.

But his mystery sends shivers down my spine.

Hes anything but innocent.

And he would go to any lengths to ensure my safety.

Even if that means taking me in without my will.

But theres one thing that even Lucas has no control over.

A secret a baby thats growing inside my belly who would call him daddy. $3.99 on Kindle.
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