Island Dreams: A Clean Short Read

Island Dreams: A Clean Short Read (Vacation Romance)
A free trip leads to island romance.

It was a miracle. I never won anything. But here I was, boarding a plane for an all-expenses paid trip to Makani Island. Alone. I wasnt expecting anything more than a soul-soothing vacation.

Then I met him. A total grouch, or so I thought. A guy I wouldnt want to see again. Ever. But somehow, he convinced me to take a walk on the beach. The walk turned into an all-night conversation. A once in a lifetime connection. We both knew it, but his mega-wealthy parents had wedding plans set out for him already.

He said he was his own man, but I refused to be a wedge between them. Could I really give him up? The bigger question waswould he let me? $0.99 on Kindle.
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