3 SEAL Daddies for Christmas (Harem Hearts)

3 SEAL Daddies for Christmas (Harem Hearts)
I swore I wouldn’t come back to my hometown. The moment I arrive home, three blasts from the past want to make me their Christmas miracle.

When my brother tragically died, it left my life in a pile of ash. But an unexpected return to Harbank Spring reunites me with his three military best friends who’d do anything to take care of me.

There’s Alexander Hawke, a veteran widower with a baby girl whom I shared a drunken kiss with years ago, before I skipped town. I broke his beautiful heart will he break mine?

Axel Ramsey is the town’s playboy silver fox, who makes fun of the fact he isn’t a father yet, since he’s slept with so many women. Except now, he only has eyes for me.

And I can’t forget Eli Pierce the single dad of an adorable little girl in my ice dancing class. The tough and gentle man charms with how deeply he cares and how eager he is to show it.

They all want me – the town’s wild child who abandoned them all because I felt responsible for my brother’s death. But now, the three men from my past will do anything to convince me I belong with them.

When I move back into my brother’s house, I suddenly live with three irresistible men who are totally off-limits, because they’re my brothers best friends.

As the festivities for the holiday season begin, it becomes harder and harder to resist

And keep my secret – that one of them is the father of my secret baby.

3 SEAL Daddies for Christmas is book 1 in a series of interconnected why-choose standalones, and can be enjoyed on its own. Available to binge with KU now! $0.99 on Kindle.
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