Duncan Luke wants two things in life: to retire early from corporate law and be with his autistic son, Sam. When his wife leaves him, taking Sam with her, he faces an expensive custody battle and sees no choice but to abandon retirement plans and double down on his business intelligence expertise by taking a job with a closely held, family-run firm, the Bingham Investment Group or BIG. Founder Robert Bingham has died and his widow, Ghislaine, is on the verge of getting pushed out. She needs a good lawyer but her Beverly Hills attitude clashes with Duncans no-nonsense style. He wants to bail but needs the money. Too late Duncan realizes the BIG power struggle masks questionable financial schemes that have put some of its players in mortal danger. He flies around the globe, risking his life to uncover the truth, while racing against the clock to get home to save his relationship with Sam. Readers will root for the sympathetic Duncan [Luke] as he morphs into a more grounded version of James Bond or Jason Bourne.” (Publishers Weekly)

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