Free: Setting Boundaries, Finding Peace: Set Boundaries for Your Soul

Setting Boundaries, Finding Peace: Set Boundaries for Your Soul
Do you have a hard time saying No?
If you said Yes, then keep reading
Are you everyones go-to person when theyve got a little favor to ask or need help with something?
And do you immediately agree to help them out, even if youve already got a million and one things on your plate, not to mention your job, which youre actually supposed to be working on?

Then you justify your selflessness by telling yourself that you do it all in the name of love but then you start to notice that youre the only one who seems to be doing all the givingand now, youre feeling a bit used and used up. This is a telltale sign that you need more boundaries in your life.

And while you may initially think that nothing says, Im selfish and I want to end this relationship, like a boundary set one up, and youll realize that quite the opposite is true.

Establishing boundaries doesnt just benefit you, but your relationship as a whole. And as Forbes puts it, Boundaries are not just about getting what you want. It’s about you getting to live your life on your own terms.

Dont be afraid to put your foot down and put your needs first. Healthier and more fulfilling relationships with others (and yourself) await you on the other side!

Start with this easy-to-read book filled with practical advice and information from the first-hand experiences of a fellow over-giver who knows exactly how you feel!

  • How to never be tongue-tied while enforcing your boundaries ever againwith tried and tested scripts for every situation
  • Common boundary-setting mistakes you didnt know you were making
  • The secret to dealing with boundary busters in your workplace, your friend group, and at home
  • What to do if your boss keeps texting you about work beyond your working hours
  • Not-so-obvious signs that you need more boundaries in your life
  • How having boundaries can improve self-esteem, relieve stress, and make you less angry among a dozen other good things!
  • How to say No to your family and loved ones and not feel like youre the most horrible person in the world
    And so much more.

No matter how close you are, or how much you love someone, you’ve still got to have some boundaries in your relationship.
Dont let your fear of abandonment or disappointing others stop you from being your most authentic self. Choose honesty, choose happiness, choose you starting today! Free on Kindle.
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