Free: Peek a Boo!

Peek a Boo!

Peek the adorable puppy is back, and it’s her first Halloween! Greta and Peter are nearly ready to go to their town’s Halloween carnival when Greta has a sudden realization: Peek doesn’t have a costume! After several attempts to dress her up, the kids finally figure out that Peek wants to be a friendly ghost!

At the carnival, Peek’s day takes an unexpected turn when she meets a lost boy named Henry, who has been separated from his parents amidst the bustling crowds. Henry, who is afraid of ghosts (and self-flushing toilets, among other things), is frightened by Peek’s disguise, but they quickly become friends. From barrel dives at the apple-bobbing booth to towering ghostly shadows, Peek and Henry navigate the carnival’s magic and mayhem as they search for Henry’s parents.

In Peek A Boo, author Carly Mottinger captures the essence of Halloween excitement, and illustrator Kyria McKie’s vivid illustrations bring Peek’s autumn adventures to life, creating a timeless Halloween tale that will have kids (and adults) reaching for it throughout the spooky season.

Get ready for a heartwarming journey filled with giggles, gasps, and ghostly fun. This is one Halloween story that will have you playing peek-a-boo with its pages long after the candy has been eaten. Happy Halloween! Free on Kindle.
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