Options Trading – Ride the Bull, Tame the Bear

Options Trading - Rider the Bull, Tame the Bear
In this guide, you’ll discover:

How options are actually less risky and more profitable than trading stocks
The 6-step “DIVERS” method for finding the right option to trade
8 dos and don’ts of options trading — avoid these rookie mistakes
The difference between US and European “style” options
What every investor should do before they even think about trading options — do this before every trade
An “automated” tool you can use to help you pick the perfect stock for your options trading strategy
Why more volatility can actually be more beneficial when trading options
How to get better at trading options using “fake” money
What are the “Greeks” and how they can help you “predict” the future
4 beginner-friendly trading strategies anyone can use to start making money with options
And much more.

Whether you’re simply searching for a steady side hustle or want to turn options trading into your full-time job, this book lays the foundation for you to start earning money.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money trying to “learn” your way through options trading. By following the proven strategies provided in this book, you can avoid the pitfalls that most beginners make.

So even if you’ve never read a single book about the stock market… you can begin investing and generating returns like a seasoned pro. $0.99 on Kindle.
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