Book Lamp Giveaway!

JustKindleBooks is giving away three brand-new wood book lamps (1 per winner). Entering the giveaway will sign you up for our daily newsletter that features free and discounted Kindle books. We will not share your email or information with anyone. Enter below by Sept 15, 2023, 9PM PT. USA Residents only.

Book lamp giveaway


More about the book lamp…

The book lamp lights up for 5-6 hours on charge and you can recharge via any USB power adaptor. The book lamp folds down into a paperback size book. You can unfold it as a half circle or 100% round and it has 3 colors (white, white/warm and warm).Ā You can use the book lamp as reading light as a accent light, night light, bedside lamp, atmosphere light, decorative lights, etc.

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