The Summer He Found Her: A Time Travel Forbidden Love Romance

The Summer He Found Her: A Time Travel Forbidden Love Romance
A woman connects to her boss across space and time, uncoiling all their hidden truths, in this dimension-bending romance.

Channah lives an ordinary life—one where she pretends she wasn’t once part of a family that connects to spirits. She pines after her boss, Ezra, and imagines what it would be like for just one chance to get to know the reclusive and private man.

When Ezra turns up “dead,” Channah’s world literally spins on its axis after he reaches her from another dimension, explaining he needs her help, before accidentally pulling her away from everything she’s ever known.

Ezra keeps plenty of his own secrets. Things he’ll never share with another soul. Unfortunately, his machine, known as the EDR, drags Channah into the mess he created. And he’s quite literally forced to start sharing information with her, dredging up his own past trauma. Some of which includes his time as a “spirit”—a very much alive spirit—traveling through space and time and weaving through Channah’s past.

Ezra will never tell Channah the full truth, because if she ever found out who he really is to her, or what he knows about her unrealized special abilities—he’d never forgive himself for interfering with the flow of time even further. Except, as they move forward together, trying to search for a way back to their own reality, all their most guarded layers slowly peel away. Revealing a connection that is all at once undeniable, terrifying, romantic, and ethereal $2.99 on Kindle.
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