Rampage at Calico Rock

Rampage at Calico Rock

Trying to move forward into a new future is not always easy when you live in North Central Arkansas following the Civil War…

Jonathan came to Arkansas to raise his young son with hopes of escaping the ravages of a divided nation. The North and the South have been at war for what feels like forever and now he desperately tries to build a new life for his family in the Ozark Mountains.

But there is something lurking in the dark of this war-torn country. A sinister force obsessed with one thing; him. It wants nothing more than to see him and his son destroyed and will do everything in its might to see this happen. How can Jonathan keep himself and his son safe, when all odds are against them…?

Rampage at Calico Rock is the first book in The Tulley Chronicles series and a historical fiction, coming of age novel. If you like books that include love, heartbreak, adventure, and redemption, then you will definitely love this book by author Curt Simmons. $0.99 on Kindle.
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